In Creation, Expression Arts Poetry French calligram Scripture-reading Download PDF Morgane 2010-2011 by Super School …
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In: The Educator CEL For teachers review> Summary December 1950 Read Full issue in PDF DITS MATHIEU – Set Corner mail To start the discussion and prepare the Congress The children’s drawing exhibition What is the part of the teacher? What part of the child?

Life Institute Mind Modern School Creating an “International Gerbe” / first contact with German educators We need your collaboration at all for practical work, although limited but urgent interest Complexes natural method or analytical method scholastic learning to read by the global method Towards a history teaching to measure the child’s spelling test at the CPCE How did the group BT Technical Achievements groping is it exclusively manual DITS MATHIEU – Ensemble> Printable version
By Cecile Renaud Goud on 20/11/17 – 5:27 p.m.

In: Gr. IT Tools> manual help, a manual download software: See page dedicated to software Scribus See also Claude video tutorials Beaunis Scribus – Scribus first steps 1. – 2. How to import an image? Scribus – 3. How to make my continuous text in another context? Scribus – 4. How to put a picture in the middle of a text? Scribus – 5. How to align my frames?

Scribus – 6. How to put a picture in the letters of a title? Scribus – 7. How to put a link in my document? Scribus – 1. first steps> Print Add Comment Hyperlinks By Visitor, 26/11/18 – 2:58 p.m..

Thank you for this small simple and precise tutorial. reply
By Sandrine Olivier on 23/07/12 – 3:37 p.m. In Region Central East> GD 42 – Loire rendered Reporting Account – GD42 meeting Saturday, June 16 9.00-12.00 at the bookstore of Croquelinottes Let’s
talk about literature ? Present (s) Melanie – Sandrine – Patricia – Isabelle – Amandine (Croquelinottes) Amandine has presented a draft work possible as from September, around the entire written Yvan Pommaux; This project is called Musarde and poaching, and is accessible to the cycles of classes 2 and 3. It is as a contest on the 2012-2013 school year.

Information to follow … It seemed interesting to link our literature class activities with the tracks offered by libraries, especially of Croquelinottes. Meetings with authors, readings … etc (rely on CRILJ? Center for Research and Information on children’s literature). It would invite authors in our classrooms (Aline Romeas, Mourlevat …).

What are our expectations for a labor GD42 about literature? -share expert readings, perform several (expert reading: one that goes beyond simply reading pleasure, which can interpellate the meaning of the text and the intentions of its author, to go further in the understanding of the message. ..) -share texts that please us, make us react (we or our students) and the different uses we can make in our classrooms -Meet texts and authors -Develop different reading practices in our classrooms -give want to read to our students (and colleagues) … and not “discover” Francois Place after 18 years of teaching, and realize very late that we missed! To avoid getting caught up in a belief that hard life, one that says that you should not use literature to work on the functioning of the written language, it’s a shame to make a tool Service learning grammar and other …

Practicing expert readings between adults discover the Reading lesson his students (AFL), it is especially perfect his player skills (access the author’s message, mark it which in the text, invites us to respond – shudder, cry, laugh, think …) and also develop his writing skills apprentice. -on one or would like to give titles to read and then discuss what was read by -on would do this several times a year (but when?) -on would learn to choose texts (what -what is that choosing a text for his students?) -on would like to develop a common culture in children’s literature, to fuel our class life and the emergence (or answer) important issues (gender girls / boys, fear, death …) -on would propose in our schools meetings to explain what is working on the literature (colleagues, parents, students …) Reading offered (Patricia) of Jojo mache, Olivier Petit Douzou fun time listening (when was our last listening?) it reads, we listen, we leaf through it arises questions … Our analytical work of the language in this text is the service of understanding both text and its author’s intentions.

The idea would be to help train the eyes of our readers apprentices, to ensure they are not fooled by the writing, that they may be warned that they have expectations … It would to give meaning to writing, becoming player to “be stuck to the author” (according to Pat) meet; to wrestle with the author, but also to the other, period. And also read for generating write intentions …

It evokes the work session proposed in May 2012 by the AFL colleagues 69, from the album of Dedieu as a sudden urge to steal curiosity book Magnus Philodolphe Pepin was observed coverage, listing of evidence, it was asked about the content; we then opened the book, it was concerted, questions were raised on this or that choice, illustrations, text form (+ ideographix tool that analyzes the text very finely). Exciting!

Amandine lent us all that the library had securities Dedieu and there has also been compared, questioned his other texts; a prolific author and a wide variety of texts (not clear that an album is Dedieu, as the illustrations, the themes are different); his work was seen in “series” (Yacouba Kibwe, Yacoubwe example) … We did find very good shopping! Is this what is expected of a writer? To be continued!

Proposals to GD42 1-Establish a ritual meetings of the group: presentation of one or two albums and novels each what’s new. 2-Choose one or two meetings a year with the theme: expert reading, reading lesson, literature experiences in our classrooms etc … 3-Propose a working time of at least 3 hours to the course to explore the reading lesson (approach of the AFL, with Patricia). add a comment
By School Prenovel – Round 3 on 30/04/11 – 6:09 p.m.

In Creation, Expression Arts> Poetry> French calligram> Scripture-reading Download PDF Morgane 2010-2011 by Super School … Prenovel, 10 / 05/11 – 8:00. Super tone calligram. Great For School Prenovel … on 19/05/11 – 8:03. Great poetry Morgane and beautiful butterfly.

I congratulate you. I love Clementine For School Prenovel … The 30/05/11 – 10:28. I love your poetry and drawing. Thank you For Visitor, 01/06/11 – 4:38 p.m.. Thank you. Morgane aurelie By Visitor, 14/07/11 – 1:51 p.m.. Super beautiful
By Claude Beaunis on 26/07/12 – 11:47 In: Gr. News Computing Tools RIDEF a website When RIDEF Leon, the new site FIMEM was presented. His address: This is a multilingual site: the environment appears in the selected language.

An article can be translated from a first text. To write or see the content FIMEM booked, you must register. Contact me for this ( This site was created by the ICEM Computing Tools Group on behalf of the FIMEM, from the Drupal CMS. add a comment

By School Prenovel – Round 3 on 30/04/11 – 4:55 p.m. In Creation, Expression Arts> Poetry> French calligram> Scripture-reading How beautiful the landscape Look at the flowers, clouds, sun and grass . How beautiful you are with your tie, your shoes and your costume. How beautiful your dog with his collar.

How beautiful your cat with white and black hairs. How beautiful your rabbit when he jumps. How beautiful your fish when they swim. How beautiful your hamster with his little tail.

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